"Our actions and decisions today will shape

the way we will be living in the future."

The Problem

Albert Einstein once said

"everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".

In May/June 2018 over 11,000 pupils across the region who wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Exam (formerly CXC O’levels) obtained no passes.

This extremely low success rate is one of the indicators that the ‘Modern-day schooling system’, which specifically exists in the Caribbean, is no longer a feasible or effective method of teaching and by extension, learning. Whilst, this current scenario is not an indication of decreased intelligence levels in our students, it is just the right time to employ another teaching methodology that can actually work.

At the heart of the matter, the school system is outdated. This mass education approach was created decades ago with the intention of preparing the majority of students for entrance into the physical labour workforce in factories. To facilitate this, the cookie-cutter approach to education was what was required.

This approach to education should no longer apply because the world has progressed; however, our education system is still lagging behind. We need a future workforce who can be developed into critical thinkers, with creative and innovative minds; independent with the ability to connect.

In the Caribbean, we currently have some of the most creative and innovative minds. However, limitations exist due to a lack of opportunities in conjunction with brain drain, resulting in the suffering of our economies.

The Idea

 Preparing students for the future not the past

ICTC's Founder, Mrs. Safiya Lewis, an Information Technology Specialist decided to combine her passion for Education and Technology.

Consequently, she created an environment, where Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] from all over the Caribbean could come together to create a blended learning community; that could simultaneously blend their synergies, share their passions and enhance the skills of eager students, who have a desire and passion to learn and innovate.

We need to teach the skills of tomorrow, Today!

Our Solution

We need to teach the skills of tomorrow, Today!

ICTC facilitate both eLearning and Classroom learning, where students can develop and enhance real skills to achieve their goals by learning from an expansive library of courses that are being facilitated by subject matter experts [SMEs].

Our students will be able to achieve the ability to control their learning experience, at their own pace and at their own convenience and learn practical skills that they can transfer their knowledge to transform them from learners to Earners!




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