Microsoft Teams for Education

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based subscription service. This course will educate users in the basics of using Microsoft Teams services and covers the role of Teams, Channels, Files, Meetings and Chat. With this
course learn all you need to access, navigate, and manage this powerful application.

Microsoft Teams for Education

  • Getting Started

    • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 
    • Using Channels
    • Posting Messages
    • Getting Help with Microsoft teams

    Communicating in Channels

    • Managing Messages
    • Doing More with Messages
    • Managing files in a Channel
    • Using the Wiki

    Using other communication tools

    • Chat
    • Managing meetings
    • Managing files in teams 

    Customizing Channels

    • Customizing Channels
    • Adding Tabs to a Channel
    • Adding connectors to a channel

    Customizing your teams experience

    • Managing your teams profile
    • Managing teams
    • adding apps and bots


    • creating a class notebook
    • adding teachers
    • adding students 

    Creating different types of teams

    • Creating a class
    • creating a PLC
    • Other

    Working with assignments and Grades

    • creating an assignment
    • grading an assignment
    • creating a rubric

    Working with Insights 

    Recording meetings / sessions

    Taking attendance




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