Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

Marketing is about getting your business known and building your position within the marketplace. Small businesses don`t always have a big budget for marketing, so they have to do things a little differently than big business in order to grow their presence, increase results, and meet business goals. This ten-session workshop will help small business owners and managers develop their marketing message, create a marketing plan, and apply the right strategies.


This ten-session course will help you teach participants:

  • Describe the essential elements of a marketing plan, no matter the size of the business
  • Apply tools and strategy to create a marketing plan that supports the growth of your small business
  • Use six steps to create, implement, and review a marketing plan
  • Leverage the best of Internet and social media marketing

Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

  • Marketing strategies  

    • The five P’s of a solid Marketing plans  
    • How to perform a SWOT analysis 

    Corporate branding  

    • Positioning statements 
    • Brand names 
    • Slogans 
    • Visual identities  

    Elements of a successful marketing message:  

    • the USP 
    •  relationship building 
    • influence and persuasion  
    • and testing. 

    Six stages of the marketing cycle 

    Implementing the plan 




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