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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs

How do I take a course at ICTC?

Once you enrol in an ICTC course you will receive an email with your ICTC user credentials and instructions on how to access the course.

These credentials will give you access to your FREE office 365 account. Once your account is activated you will have access to the latest version of all the software required to complete the course. There are no additional purchases required.

How can I Register or Apply?

Follow the registration steps outlined and complete the application form

How do I know that my application is registered?

After the online application form is filled out and submitted, an email would be sent to your email address guiding you to the next steps.

I did not receive the email for registration of my application?

Please check your Junk or Spam folder in your email.

If it’s still not there confirm you placed your correct email when registered OR for assistance contact us at (868)219-4282

What happens after I complete the Online Student Registration process?

Once you have completed the Registration Process, the school will contact you along with emailing your ICTC credentials and instructions. 

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered , we would love to help you!

Please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons

Learning with ICTC FAQs

Who Can Benefit?

Our Online programs can meet the needs of many types of students, depending on their educational and professional needs.  

  • Adult students with family and/or work obligations 
  • Working professionals seeking to boost or change their careers 
  • Military/Law Enforcement personnel 
Do I need CXC/CSEC passes to do a course with ICTC?

No, there are no academic requirements to pursue a computer course with ICTC, however, you should be proficient in the English Language and have a basic understanding of Mathematics.

What do ICTC courses include?

The foundation of each ICTC course is its Online Instructor-Led lectures, which can include videos, slides, text and additional resources the instructor has uploaded. In addition, instructors can add quizzes, games, practice tests, assignments and coding exercises, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students. Click to view our list of available courses. 

What are the classes like?

At ICTC we focus on practical training. We want our learners to be able to “do the thing” vs “only passing an exam”.  ICTC prides itself as a practice-oriented Institute with intensive curricula and practical hands-on experiences that prepares learners for their future careers. 

What are the class sizes?

At ICTC we understand the importance of individual attention. 

Our classes are small the class size does not exceed 10-14 students

Are the classes recorded?

The classes are recorded and is usually posted within 24 Hours

How are students assessed?

At ICTC we focus 80% Practical, 20% Theory. We equip you to “do the task” which prepares you for the world.  

You are given a series of Level-up challenges and knowledge checkers throughout the course and a final quiz at the end of the course. 

What is Live instructor-led training?

Live Instructor-Led Training allows us to bring the best professional facilitators to your location to train your employees on-site 

In the learning process, nothing can truly replace the interactive, face-to-face experience with a live instructor. Our SkillPath seminars guarantee you …

  • Personalized, hands-on, in-depth guidance through the course material
  • Professional trainers and facilitators who are subject matter experts in their fields
  • Exceptional opportunities for business networking with professionals in your field
What is Virtual instructor-led training?

Instructor-Led Online Training allows us to bring the instructor into the online classroom. 

Video conferencing tools connect our learners online so they can attend real-time training from anywhere in the world and connect with a Subject Matter Expert

Virtual instructor-led training is a live, interactive classroom solution delivered directly to your computer. You’ll appreciate …

  • Time-saving convenience since the class comes to you
  • High-retention learning in a familiar place with fewer distractions
  • Learning that engages you with real-time interaction
What is a Short Learning Programme?

A short learning programme is a type of study programme that is short in duration. This type of programme can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months to complete. At ICTC, most of our short learning programmes can be completed in 2 – 9 months. It all depends on the field of study

Why Study a Short Learning Programme?

ICTC’s short learning programmes are valuable avenues of training for those who don’t have the time, money, or need to study towards a full qualification. However, there are also other specific reasons why you might want to study a short course:


Short learning programmes are great because they allow you to develop specialised skills. Unlike more comprehensive courses, short learning programmes will often focus on a specific element of a profession (such as the ICTC’s Short Course: Microsoft Office Business Essentials, which focuses specifically on the process the best practices for using Microsoft Office applications to increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and drive better results. ). These courses will allow you to boost your CV with unique skills. Short courses like these are also a great way to get skills training and vocational knowledge while you work. They act as quick skills-boosters that can help you build your career and move up in the world.


Other short courses, such as the Introduction to accounting: Basic Accounting Concepts Short Course, focus on giving you introductory knowledge and skills in a certain subject. These courses are a great way to test out a subject before deciding whether you want to commit to studying it full-time. These courses allow you to save a lot of time and money by allowing you to learn the basics first, before deciding whether you really want to pursue that particular direction of study.


Short learning programmes:

      • Enhance your CV
      • Are easy to enroll for
      • Are ideal if you want to gain new skills quickly
      • Can be completed in a short period of time
      • Don’t require a lot of commitment
      • Are highly affordable
      • Are a good option if you want to work and study at the same time

Studying a short learning programme is always a good idea. Any investment in your education, no matter how small, is an investment in your own future. A short learning programme is thus a short-term commitment, with long-term benefits.

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons


Requirements for Online Computer Courses
  • Desktop computer or laptop (Chromebook is not recommended)
  • Operating system: Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Browser: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • High-Speed Internet connection (Hotspots are not recommended)
  • Webcam (Built-in or external)
  • Microphone (Built-in or external)
  • Headphones

Note: The latest version of ALL applicable Microsoft software should be used

Mobile System Requirements

Here are the supported mobile platforms for the app:

  • iOS operating system version 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 
  • Android operating system version 4.4 or later.

Note: Mobile can only be used for non-technical computer courses (eg business courses and foreign languages)

Can I use a Smart Phone or Tablet to do the Computer Course?

No. Our course approach is hands-on practical experiences, therefore, you will need a desktop or laptop to do any computer course at ICTC. However, you can use a smartphone for non-technical courses example Foreign Languages, CSEC, SEA and even some accounting courses etc

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons


How much does it cost to register for a course?

Non-Refundable Registration Fees:  TTD $150.00 / USD $25.00    (One-time fee) To be paid on registration

Late Registration:  TTD $200.00 / USD $30.00     Will be charged if registration is within one week of the scheduled start date of the course.

What are my payment options?

Payments can be facilitated via the following methods:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card – Wipay
  • Cash – Local Bank Deposit
  • Direct on Website via Paypal
Are payment plans available?

YesPayment plans are available, contact (868)219-4282 to find out how this can be arranged. 

Note: There are NO payment plans for CSEC, Computer Science and Foreign Languages (Kids Club) (Monthly Fees)

Is ICTC GATE funded?

No ICTC is not GATE Funded

Does ICTC offer a stipend?

No ICTC does not offer a stipend for completing a course.

What is your cancellation policy?

Students who wish to cancel their course registration should notify ICTC in writing.  

If the cancellation request is received six (6) days or more before the course start date, ICTC will remove the student from the course and refund the course tuition, less a TTD $50.00 cancellation fee.  

If the cancellation request is received five (5) days or less before the course start date, no refund will be provided.

ICTC Online courses are repeated on a regular schedule, therefore we can easily facilitate a student, who wants to transfer their registration to another start date of a course that is more convenient. 

ICTC reserves the right to cancel a course up to five (5) days prior to the course start date.  Should ICTC cancel a course, the student will be notified and provided with the option of transferring their registration to another course start date, or receiving a refund of their course registration.

What is your Overdue Policy

If payment is not received by the agreed payment term, a Courtesy Reminder notice will be sent requesting full payment. If payment of the overdue balance is not received within seven (7) days after the courtesy reminder notice, late payment penalty fees may apply.

For more information refer to our terms and Policies


Do you offer Corporate Training?

Yes we do!

Visit our Corporate Training Page for more information

We are a non-profit organization do you have "For non-profit rates"?

Yes we do! For non-profit rates, please contact us directly so we can discuss your business needs and design a package specific to your needs and budget

How do I get in contact?

Call the Main landline:


Need to WhatsApp or call?

868-320-4282 OR  868-283-4282

Send us an email info@ictc.edu.tt

*We do not share your data to 3rd persons