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Additionally, we provide coaching to guide you step-by-step through real-world scenarios. We focus on making our courses practical and relevant for your day-to-day life.

ICTC provides a great study environment to help you master your technical skills and get hands-on experience to prepare for your career.

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Feedback from our members

I truly had an enjoyable experience with the PowerPoint Crash Course for beginners. Ms Safiya Lewis was extremely patient and encouraging with us and it was a pleasure learning on this platform. I will highly recommend her to anyone, she is an amazing tutor.

Charmain Marcano

Mrs. Lewis is a great teacher. Very dedicated and passionate in what she does. She’s extremely patient and is the ONLY reason why I passed I.T in form 5. I started her lessons a month or 2 before csec and she made I.T seem so easy. Would definitely recommend!

Mya Marie B.

This is without doubt a great institution to enroll in Mrs. Lewis goes above and beyond to make sure her students Understand and comprehend the material being thought, she uses innovative and unique methods to ensure that every student excels Greatly exceeding what a student believe is his or her potential. You will not regret your time spent here

Hakeem Antoine

Mrs. Lewis is a one of a kind teacher. The one you'll remember for the rest of your life. She is a very creative and innovative teacher she will come up with many different ideas to help you understand. I highly recommend her she is a very dedicated professional

Randaill S

The classes are full of exciting and relevant information to make your worklife and personal life easier. Instructor is very very professional and she teaches in the simplest format for anyone to understand.

Wendy Davis

Being taught by Mrs. Lewis was one of the best experiences I have had within the education system of Trinidad and Tobago. She is by far one of the most engaging fun teachers you will ever come across. Her passion for teaching as well as her commitment for her students to succeed, made the whole experience of being her student worthwhile. I would recommend Mrs. Lewis as a tutor par excellence

Kerrie R